Starter Guide

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This Starter Guide will give you a general idea of how our program works and what tools we have ready for you.

Ready to work? Let’s get started.

Every month ComboInk has different promotions. We create coupon codes and a set of banners accordingly. We also regularly update our text links and datafeed. All these are included in our newsletter which will be delivered to your inbox monthly. Nonscheduled promotions for special holidays and occasions will be posted on this site. Please visit often for the most updated program news.

We have teamed up with ShareASale(SAS) and Commission Junction(CJ). Choose where you belong and dig in!

SAS Affiliates
You are the one who knows your website/blog visitors most. Please pick what would best work for you from the following tools and apply them wisely.

Text Links
Here are some facts about us you should know.
  1. Our top five brand names are HP, Epson, Brother, Canon and Lexmarks
  2. According to our survey, customers tend to buy more than one pack of ink/toner cartridges at a time. Purchasing 2-5 packs is very common. The more they buy, the more money they save on each ink and toner cartridge.

Coupon Codes

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CJ Affiliates
Text Links/Banners
To access our text links and banners:
  • Login to CJ (
  • Click on "Get Links"
  • Click on "By Relationship" and ComboInk will be waiting for you in the Approved section
  • Click "View Links" next to ComboInk to get a list of the links that are available
  • For text links, > "Additional Search Options" > "Link Type": Choose "Text Link"
    For banners, > "Additional Search Options" > "Link Type": Choose "Banner"
  • Click "Get HTML" to access the HTML code you will need to insert (copy and paste) into your web design program or email

Product Catalog
Normally we have more than 1000 items in the catalog, you can either search our products by keywords, such as "ink", "toner", "brother" and etc. Or you can create a "Product Catalog Export". Go to "Account" > "Services" > Click on "Creat Product Export" button.

Coupon Codes
Get Links > Additional Search Options > Promotional > Select "Coupons"
and More
Alright, now you've got the basics. At ComboInk it is important to us that you always feel supported. So if you have ever got a question, please do not hesitate to contact us at affiliates [at] We will be more than happy to help, and you won’t be waiting long for an answer.

Now get rolling and good luck!