Aug 31, 2012

CJ: Sept Promotion Deals & Performance Incentives

Hi CJ affiliates,
We just sent out our first CJ affiliate newsletter. It contains September coupon code, sample banner, text links, program basics and performance incentives.

15% Off Any Order Storewide runs through the whole September. Coupon codes, banners, and text links for this promotion should be ready to use there.

Coupon code: INK15FALL
Valid Period: 9/1 - 9/30/2012

Now, our performance incentives. Please log into your CJ account and accept our new program term so you can enjoy the bonuses. We hope the incentives would reward as many of you guys as possible!
- Get $50 bonus when your sales amount reaches $150.
- Get $200 bonus when your sales amount reaches $500.
- Get another $200 if your sales amount reaches $1000.

The Starter Guide and Download pages have more information on our program resources. Feel free to contact us via affiliates[at] if you have further questions. Good luck!

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